What is BeconTea?

BeconTea is a new, unique and quality breakfast tea blend designed by local residents with artist Sadia Ur-Rehman over a series of workshops at the White House, proudly standing since 1900 on the Becontree estate. This tea marks and celebrates the centenary of Becontree; the stories, memories, recollections, experiences and diverse characters that make up the estate today.

BeconTea is a satisfying, restorative and uplifting blend that gives you a heavenly cup of tea. It is a universal pick-me-up.

The tea is inspired by the flavours of a Victoria sponge cake as provided by local Becontree resident Denise Lewis for the BeconTea workshops, the Victoria sponge is also aptly a British classic. This tea blend features the sweet malty Keemun and Ceylon with a fruity Assam base, which includes raspberry/strawberry notes.

How can you buy BeconTea?

The winning blend of tea is produced by Batch Tea and you can purchase online direct on their website here.