Sadia Ur-Rehman

Sadia Ur-Rehman is a visual artist based in London. Sadia’s practice is rooted in the local and explores the multifaceted relationship between people, place and the idea of home.

Sadia creates temporary interventions in spaces, these could last a few hours, days, months or even years. These spaces operate as places for people to meet, share, learn, create and generate experiences. Sadia creates site responsive work that initiates conversations and interactions, often bringing people together through events, installation and the use of moving image and text. 

Recent projects have used tea as a connector to bring people together. Through BeconTea, Sadia worked with local residents to co-create a new blend of tea to celebrate and mark the centenary of the Becontree estate. Over the last 10 years, ‘Sadia’s Tea Party’ has acted as a travelling tea party or pop-up tea salon that has visited and set up experiences and interventions in a variety of settings including a high street, an empty shop, on board the Cutty Sark, a grade II listed building, a community centre to name a few. Sadia’s Tea Party have taken guests on an international journey, wandering through different lands as you are immersed in a variety of tea customs and traditions.

Sadia also established and ran The Creative Café, a pop-up café, gallery and creative workspace on the Marks Gate estate in Dagenham with a team of local residents from 2015-18.