The Cup that Cheers

Underpinning the process of co-creating BeconTea is a poem written by BeconTea group member Vi Charlton 40 years ago and updated today to include BeconTea. You can listen to Vi recite the poem at the bottom of the page.

When I was just a little girl my mother used to say,

She knew a certain something which could chase her cares away,

But I was rather doubtful – I really couldn’t see

How things could be made better by my Mothers’ remedy

Now if you’re wondering what it was – it’s no big mystery

My dear old Mum would swear by it – A simple cup of tea!

As I grew up I learned from Mum whenever things were bad,

If her clothes line broke or the dog was sick or if the news was sad,

No matter what the time of day or even night it seemed,

If a family member had the mumps or perhaps a cold that ‘streamed’

A  headache or an itchy rash maybe an injured knee

All problems large or small were eased by a simple cup of tea!

When the war broke out new worries came,

The Blitz brought terrors near

When bombs dropped all around us, our lives were full of fear.

We tightened belts, we went without, and thrift became a trend,

We slept in shelters, blacked out lights and learned make do and mend.

Rationing was hard to take but on one thing we’d agree,

When that ‘All Clear’ sounded first thing was a cup of tea.

Now when life’s bleak, and things go wrong and everything seems worthless

When no-one’s at my side to help and I’m feeling sad and mirthless.

The cupboards bare, bank balance low,

My spirits down, I’m full of woe,

I’ve lost my purse my pot plants died and I’m feeling all at sea,

There’s something that will cheer me up – a simple cup of tea.

It always helps the situation no matter when or where

It’s guaranteed to ease my pain or take away my care,

Puts all things in perspective, gives life a rosier hue

Makes me feel I’m back on course no longer in a stew

It banishes my heartache and seems to calm my fears

It always helps my day along

This lovely cup that cheers,

If friends drop in to have a chat and share with me their troubles,

We’ll have a cuppa and their woes will disappear like bubbles.

We’ll talk things over put the world right and feel we’ve done it well,

And then we’ll have another cup and enjoy its magic spell.

It’s a useful panacea; it’s made so easily,

A universal pick-me-up, a simple cup of tea.

When my times up I’ll make my way to Heaven above I hope,

But I’ll be wondering how I will with this new situation cope,

The pearly gates will open wide and Saint Peter will beckon me inside,

He’ll sit me down on a comfy chair,

And tell me that I’m welcome there,

And then he’ll smile and give to me,

A simply heavenly cup of BeconTea!

By Vi Charlton

Listen to Vi recite her poem: